The voice of the air. Pamplona 2014


The voice of the air


Ormolú Gallery. Calle Paulino Caballero 42-bajo. 31003 Pamplona, Spain


November 7th-December 10th, 2014

About the exhibition

There are times when a small moment, tiny, imperceptible, changes our lives and engages us forever. These are times difficult to catch, and only a few trained beings, with the soul and eyes so open, manage to get them back again and again. The artist Marina Anaya is one of them.

Her works are breathable, fill our lungs with vital air, with a wind that keeps all the secrets. Her brush is able to capture the full happiness, to extend an image to infinity, to fill it with life and movement. She does this with the beauty of her hugs, with the beat of her boiling nature and with a mutant color that turns her work into an indisputable proof of what is really worthwhile: to feel and live. Her universal characters do not know about frontiers, their home is the life and their journey is the search for happiness. With all these ideas floating on the air, Anaya's hands create from her own experience, knowing that to grow, one must first settle down, and to fly, one must first ask for permission from the wind. - Lidia Martín Araujo (Translation into English by Concepción A. Monje).

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