Mermaid kiss. March 2012


Mermaid kiss


AM Gallery. Pasaje de Torre Estrella 6, Plaza de Toros de Roquetas de Mar. 04740 Roquetas de Mar, Almería, Spain


March 4th-May 6th, 2012

About the exhibition

Putting your head under the water. The whole body. And just listening to the sea, which embraces you. All at the top, on the surface, is very far. Down here, there is another world. A silence that overwhelms you. It is your happines, scape time, anything can happen. Even a mermaid can pass by and kiss you.

The constant theme in my work is the search for happy moments in life. The scenarios change. Clubs, the night, the trips, the sea, the harbours; but the objective keeps the same: to capture that magic instant when one blows their lungs up, takes a deep breath and, while leaving it scape, feels that life is wonderful.

About This Project