Gimlet bar. September 2008


Gimlet bar


EV Gallery. Shanghai, China


September 20th-October 26th, 2008

About the exhibition

Gimlet: in a cocktail mixer put 7 or 8 ice cubes, shake well to chill the mixer. Remove the excess of water. Add 2.5 cl of fresh lime juice and 2.5 cl of gin. Shake well and pour into a cocktail glass.

Open the door and let yourselves inside. Tonight is your night. Forget about everything, leave all frustration and disenchantment behind. We are at Gimlet Bar. Tonight is a night to dream while awake.

Gimlet Bar, an exhibition by Marina Anaya featuring painting, sculpture, and printmaking, brings us the warmth and cosiness of live music clubs and cocktail bars with Chinese lanterns, wallpapered walls, and a small stage as the main witnesses of a night that is always just about to start.

The delicate use of colors with red as its main emblem throughout all her work, carefree drawings that outline the profile of the characters, impossible proportions, unreal movements, and an omnipresent happy melancholy, all give shape to this exhibition.

Singers, musicians, barmen, bar girls in this bewitched hour during which time stops, the past, forgotten for a while, makes way to an uncertain future, passion perspires from the pores, and darkness becomes an accomplice.

This singer, out of repertoire, performs her last song for herself and for that man who smokes slowly and stares at her from the table, not expecting more than making that moment last forever. The bar, shelter for the open souls from the darkness of the night, is about to close, the barman prepares a gimlet which he will share with that delicious girl who has been staring at him all night long from the counter.

It is a night to feel, to live, to dream. Everyone hides other lives, different stories, private ones, but here and in the fleetingness of this moment, time stops and anything, just anything can happen.

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