The intangible. Pamplona 2018


The intangible


Galería Ormolú. Paulino Caballero 42. Pamplona, España


December 13th-January 28th, 2019. Opening: December 13th, 2018.

About the exhibition

Under the title 'the intangible', Marina Anaya's last works in painting, engraving, collages and brass plates engraved with acid are presented in the Ormolú Gallery of Pamplona.

Marina's creative universe evolves in constant search of new media and techniques, hence the multidisciplinary nature of this exhibition.

However, the themes she uses, the inspiration and the references are the same in all her works: Love, passion, bright colors, simplicity in lines and drawings. In short, the intangible, optimistic and happy part of life.

The mix between a clearly recognizable style and the freedom to experiment in new ways make this exhibition a fresh and consolidated commitment.

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