Where the wind blows through. March 2013


Where the wind blows through


Alba Cabrera Gallery. Calle Felix Pizcueta 20, bajo. 46004 Valencia, Spain


March 21st-April 30th, 2013

About the exhibition

There is life where the wind blows through. And the wind lives in Marina Anaya’s work. With its passage, it gives strengh and movement to her pieces. It feeds them, keeps them alive. Sometimes it whispers, others it roars breaking the branches. It drags words and secrets. It shelters stories and characters. Her birds and lovers. Now it comes renewed, though keeping the unmistakable trace of this artist’s work. For the first time Marina Anaya presents sculpture, jewelry and drawing. Quite unusual pieces, sincere and naked in a world this time made of wood, brass, silver and wind. Sculptures that play at roles exchange. The brass turns into wood. It takes the shape of branches where the flocks live. Jewels on the way to the sculpture. Playing with the nature and the materials. Shining and beating with wood knots. And drawings made with the conscience of being art work themselves. Of final stroke. Riddled with fall colors and lovers lacking air. The wind also blows for them, raising skirts and leaking where nobody else can enter. The same which sings us to sleep and calms us down, or tickles us to the guffaw. There is happiness where the wind blows through. – Lidia Martín Araujo

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