I am from where you are. Mexico City 2016


I am from where you are


Galería Casa Lamm. Calle Álvaro Obregón, 99. Colonia Roma, 11006, México DF


November 17th-22nd, 2016

About the exhibition

Text by Lidia Martín Araujo (Spanish text adapted to English)

I am from where you are

With no borders, prejudices or fears

I live in your world

Shrouded in happiness for having you

I devour life by your side

And get lost inevitably if you go away

We are from where we choose to be

I choose to be from where you are

With this new exhibition the artist Marina Anaya proposes a trip. Her work, full of optimism and vitality, show us again the good side of things, the beauty as necessity and the vibrating color as the most universal language. Her lovers and nature evolve toward the absolute fusion in a statement of intent in which neither artist nor work understand boundaries or barriers.

In an elegant life lesson, Anaya gets once again to capture the full happiness and extend it to infinity in each painting. Her characters surrender themselves to a soft protective layer that has nothing to do with geography or kilometers, but rather with the small republic that each one proclaims in the millimeters occupied by a kiss or the small territory conquered in every embrace. They are tiny links in a great chain that forgets continents and oceans to bring Mexico and Spain closer in each brush-stroke.

In this new world, voluptuous and happy, Marina Anaya talks about common stories, those that change our lives and captivate us forever. These are difficult moments to capture, intangible and elusive, that the mind tries to keep by fighting against the time that dilutes the memory, blurs the faces and softens the emotions. However, there are still a few trained beings with so wide opened soul and eyes that get to recover these happy memories and make us feel them again like the first time. The artist Marina Anaya is one of them.

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